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Tinplate is a thin cold-rolled steel (black plate) electro-plated with tin. Its shiny surface finish, superb corrosion resistance and formability make the tin plate an ideal choice for food industry and industrial parts manufacturers. Its unique properties allow the tin plates to be used in a broad range of applications including beverage cans, food cans, oil cans, paint cans, aerosol cans, bottle caps, cable and electronic parts.Tin Free Steel ( otherwise also called ECCS – Electrolytic ally Chromium Coated Steel ) is lower in price than tin plates . Tin Free Steel boasts superior lacquer and paint adhesion and strong resistance against corrosion. Tin free steel is used in the production of cans, containers, electric equipment parts, home appliances and cables.Black plate is the basic component of tinplate and ECCS : it’s a strip of steel without coating.  It can be used as such or covered with metallic or organic coating.These are available in various sizes, thickness and lengths and can be supplied as per customer’s requirement like coils, slit coils, sheets, cuttings etc.